SOPA is the only trade body in the country which works directly with the farmers for increasing Soybean Productivity. Our farm activities include a Seed Production Programme, Front Line Demonstrations and Farmers Training.

Mission - Bringing Prosperity through Golden Bean.


  • Twenty Twenty Twenty – To increase Soybean Productivity to 20 Qtls. Per Ha. and Production to 20 Million Tonnes by the year 2020.
  • To bring economic prosperity to Soybean Farmers by increasing their income through Soybean Cultivation.
  • To ensure Nutritional Security for Indian masses by increasing consumption of Soya-based Food Products by 50% in the next 5 years.


India currently grows about 10 million tons of soybean, which is only about 4% of world production. But we are the only country in the world to grow Non-GMO soybean which gives the Indian farmers an unique advantage. As demand for Non-GMO products grows, Indian farmer can command a premium on its products on a long term sustainable basis. However, low yield is the one major disadvantage we face which must be addressed.

Reasons for low productivity:

  • Two-thirds of Indian agriculture is largely dependent on rainfall.
  • Small and marginal farm size.
  • Poor dissemination of farming techniques.
  • Erratic supply of good quality and sufficient quantity of inputs.
  • Poor soil and water management.
  • Lack of high yielding varieties, suitable for different agro climatic zones.
  • Poor storage conditions and inadequate post harvest supply chain.

Following are the activities undertaken by SOPA under Soybean Development :

  • Front Line Demonstrations.
  • Training of Farmers to use improved technology. Training tools are literature, lectures, interactive meetings and audio visuals.
  • Increase seed replacement ratio and make available good quality seed.
  • Seed Multiplication Programme.
  • Agri Extension Services.

Services rendered by SOPA

  • Offers Agri-extension and Technical Support to farmers for enhancing productivity and production.
  • Organize training Programs for farmers.
  • Undertake Crop-Survey.